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Animal skin carpet – a contemporary style of the forest at home

If you are interested to buy new and trendy things for the home. The Dubai-home interior is perfect for you and helps you to give new look to the home. We provide our customers traditional, majestic, and elegant look at a home through our product. Animal skin carpet Dubai looks stunning when placed on any room or living area. Animal skin carpet is all available in natural colors which are suitable for all type of furniture. These carpet Dubai consist of two types of designs, one of its type is made up of visible skin designs of animals and the other is also made of animal skin in which designs are not shown which is called hides. The Dubai-home interior provides different types of hides, for instance, lion hides, zebra hides, tiger hides, cowhides, sheep hides, etc.

Animal skin is used for various purposes ranging from clothing to decor. At Dubai-home interior, we use ‘A’ grade animal’s skin to make carpets. These hides are made from zebras, snakes, and other exotic wild animals. They come in various prints too.

  • Taj furniture makes high-quality carpets to cover your living room, bedroom flooring. It gives an urban look to your room and it goes along with any interiors. It gives an exotic and unique touch to your room
  • We have all kinds of animal skin carpets. We sell both printed as well as the original one. You can choose from the best quality wide range of products.
  • We have a great collection of products to choose from. We offer various options so that the customer will have a variety of products to select from.
  • Animal skin carpets give your home a luxurious look. We have all types of carpets, rugs, doormats, available. You can browse through all our categories of products.

Type of Animal skin carpet

Zebra skin carpet
Zebra skin hides are very popular among all and it’s beautiful dark colors attracts the people and gives luxurious look to home when placed. The process of manufacturing zebra skin carpet needs a highly efficient craftsman. We offer our customers the broadest range of zebra skin carpets on less budget.

Tigerskin carpet.
Tiger hides are very unique in style and give a strong touch to the surface. The area covered with tiger hides leaves a valuable impression on viewers, they must be inspired by your selection. Animal skin carpet Dubai helps their customers to choose the best product for the home.

Cowskin carpet.

Animal skin carpet plays a vital role at your home and enhances the beauty of the room or lounge. Animal skin carpet Abu Dhabi helps customers to choose the animal carpet which is specially made from cowhides. We proffer beautiful colors in these carpets like brown, skin, black, white definitely increase the beauty of the interior. We have a complete range available at the Dubai-home interior.

Sheepskin carpet.

Sheepskin is mostly used in carpets since ancient times. This process consumes more time and experience. Sheepskin carpets look stunning when placed in the drawing-room or living room.

Animal Skin Carpets Dubai

Quality is what Dubai-home interior is famous for. We never dump our customers for quality. We give what we say. Our products are made from the finest quality of materials. A happy customer is our motto. We ensure 100% customer fulfilment guarantee at the Dubai-home interior.

  • The Dubai-home interior provides great interior decoration tips and ideas to the customers. The team members are highly experienced and skilled in their work.
  • Our experts will suggest to you the best products and ideas according to your interior melody. Get also offer great flooring products and solutions.
    Every main category of products has many different subcategories of products.
  • Get doorstep delivery and fast installation services. We also offer a demo of sample products before installation with any obligation to buy.
  • So shop with the Dubai-home interior and make your interior beautiful.
    We serve clients all across Dubai, UAE.

 About us.

  • Dubai-home interior.com is the largest selling brand of animal carpets. We give priority to our material which should be the high quality. Our experts provide you with the latest and trendy designs that are unique and can be easily installed in different shapes making them look classier.
  • The animal skin carpet we manufacture consists of natural colors and its quality is durable which never been spoil soon.
  • We care about customers and provide them a good product which is anti-bacterial and hygienic.
  • We deliver our product in less time.
  • The product we deliver to our customers is budget-friendly for more details log on to Dubai-home interior.com.
  • We also made an anti-fire animal skin carpet.

Customer satisfaction is a basic need for us before they shop. We made highly Practical designs that meet your requirements for a perfect interior. With our high-quality carpets, customers are 100% satisfied.

IKEA curtains hack to adjust them

Ikea curtains are equally available in other colors, along with white color. They are quite long that maybe it may touch the floor of your room if your window is small

To overcome that problem, we are going to discuss a hack that may save your day

Discussing other matters is essential, but let us also discuss some IKEA hacks that may save your day.

The question usually comes how to hang up IKEA curtains Dubai without sewing or how to manage or To shorten and to lengthen of your 

For that, the things we need are 

• Ironing board

• Iron

• Scissor

• Tape measure

• Iron-on fusing web

• Pincushions

• curtains

Step 1

Step one involves taking the iron board near the curtains.

Put these long curtains on that ironing board and measure the length that you need to sew so that you can easily manage the range of your curtains.

Step 2

Iron curtain to make the right crease on the area you want to sew.

Put the needle and iron curtain. While ironing makes sure that you get to have the right crease.

Step 3

While in step three, sew that area, and there you have your curtains altered the right way you wanted.

Characteristics of IKEA curtains

While looking for curtains, it is essential to look for the feature they hold.

1 Protection of the green environment

Choosing a curtain is an essential factor while decorating your room or the house. While selecting the curtains, one must always go for the curtains that are efficient enough to save the outer scenery.

Usually, the windows where curtains are hanged open to the lawns.

Thus it is essential to save the scenery and the view.

2 Nice color management

As curtains should be good enough to save the green environment. It is also essential for one to choose the right colors. By doing that, one can always decide which color should go with the furniture and other items placed in the room.

While choosing a color, it is usually advised to go for white because they can be easily matched with any other color.

3 Easy to be cleaned

Ikea curtains are made with tight quality and material that it is not easy for them to get dirty.

They could be easily cleaned 

4 Easily matched with other furniture and colors

Being present in white color, it is easily possible for them to match with any different color. We can see that the furniture is available in brown. Tiles of room and all other factors also involved while

5 Better contrasted

Along with colors, shape, and size, one must not forget the contrast that is quite helpful in selecting if the curtains.

6 Inexpensive IKEA curtains

While buying curtains, one must also consider the budget. That is why IKEA curtains are quite reasonable and easily manageable in your budget. Thus Ikea curtains Dubai have proved to be cheap.

Yet they are cheap still they could not compromise on the quality of the curtain.


While choosing curtains for your room, always go for a while

It is because it goes with everything.

Light colors also consider being friendly with other colors to be used.