Sofa upholstery professional staff provides superior furniture upholstery and repairs, and you can rely on us to give any piece of furniture, old or new a new life.

We repair a large range of variety of furniture, from antiques and family heirlooms to mid-century, retro, and modern pieces.

We can also restore ancient objects to their original modernize or splendor them with a more contemporary look, using only the top-quality materials. We would like to refresh older furniture with a splash of color to either make a statement in the home or match your existing decor, whether small or large, new or old.

We are providing a large range of specialized upholstery services to suit your soft furnishing needs.

Our fabrics

It can be a tough task to select upholstery textiles, and we will walk you through choosing the ideal pattern and color for your area and personal liking. Our team is always here to help you with options and fabric solutions, demonstrating a large range of textiles leather, and vinyl from existing institutions and creating independent textile houses.

Furniture upholstery

We take great delight in preserving and revitalizing design and craft traditions. Medieval, art deco, retro, and mid-century furniture can all be restored and fixed to their initial state. Our magnificent furniture restorers use traditional polishing techniques and the most stylish finishing and color-matching techniques.

Our services

We sustain the honor and history of every piece of treasure furniture. We utilize only top-quality materials and time-tested processes to repair and restore antique furniture. Wearer providing a large range of antique furniture restoration services, from simple upholstery repairs and wood refinishing to vast reupholstering and structural timber repairs. We endeavor to employ original and traditional materials and procedures for every restoration and repair job. We strive to restore the piece to its current state as much as possible.

Vintage furniture upholstery

Nothing can compare to the vintage art deco styles or designs or the clean and sophisticated lines of mid-century furniture. We are experts in restoring, repairing, and reupholstering different designs and styles of mid-century, retro furniture, and vintage. We believe every piece of furniture is a unique part of history. We will use only the finest products and traditional methods for all restoration and repair work. We can install and restore any furniture piece to its previous glory, whether it is an old family kitchen table or a set of vintage chairs.

Commercial upholstery

When standard retail furniture is unable to meet your vision for the interior, you will require a table professional to help you in designing top-quality, custom commercial furniture that matches your brand. We are experts in making and upholstering one-of-a-type commercial furniture for companies. We are providing expert advice on upholstered furniture design and covering to cooperate with interior designers, architects, and builders.

Health care upholstery

Dubai upholstery also works with a large variety of therapeutic and various healthcare companies. We have got experience in repairing, modifying, and recovering fixtures like dentist chairs, dentist stools, and treatment chairs.

We can also adopt existing furniture to meet the demands of the disabled or elderly customers, such as changing or adjusting pillows or sitting structures to prevent you from various back injuries. It comprises a vast range of handicap aids that have been carefully customized to meet the requirements of each person.

Sofa repair in Dubai

We are one of the leading sofa upholstery and sofa repair service in Dubai. We offer a large variety of remodels for all your sofas at the best reasonable prices which you will not find anywhere else in the world, particularly in Dubai. We are providing top-class services such as sofa repair, upholstery change, seat back cushions repair, and remodeling of old sofas.