Carpet is the ideal floor covering that brings about beauty delight to your place. Capet also serves as lovely flooring to make your surroundings look beautiful. 

It does not matter what your design standards are, whether you need carpet for your home, office, or resorts, we are here to help you.


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You can select from which you need.


  Alabaster carpet

  Oriental carpet

  Petite carpet

  Venetian carpet



Our services 

We are providing the following services.


Office carpet

When you are selecting flooring kind for your office, the primary goal is generally to use a desk mat or place a hard floor. But, many choices for modern carpet textures because of many advantages, and we have highlighted the main benefits of office carpet.



Long life

Weather friendly

Stair carpet

Selecting the carpets for stairs is a difficult task than picking carpet for other parts of the home because you have to decide on carpet color and style. The carpet should have appropriate durable which you are going to be placed on the stairs. It also has to look beautiful as it covers the edge of the stairs.


Mosque carpet

Mosque carpets are used in masjids to cover the floor on which Muslims offer prayer. One thing to make sure that Mosque carpets must be neat and clean as it is necessary for religion. Mosque carpets are represented by a niche at one end, symbolizing the mihrab in every mosque, a direction towards Makka.


Simple and plain designs are available which does not have mosque lights in the market of the carpet industry. You can buy a red carpet for prayer that looks very attractive even in simple or plain style.


Animal skin carpet

It looks magnificent when placed in any living place. This type of carpet is available in all colors that will be suited to all types of furniture.

You can get zebra skin, tiger skin, cow skin, or sheepskin carpets.


Grass carpet

Grass carpet will be a good idea for handling large areas. If you use this kind of carpet, will surely eliminate an absurd amount of air pollution.

Even a little bit of green carpet will help you combat air pollution that is bad for your health. If you keep your carpets neat and clean, it will save you and your loved ones.


Vinyl carpet

It is the perfect solution for the covering of floors and people are very interested to place them in their places. It will provide a different look and will increase the beauty of your place. You should install vinyl carpet instead of using wood or tiles. 


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