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How do I choose the best carpets Dubai ?

Whether you are a Dubai resident or carpets are an essential element of the architecture of your home. They help bring life to a carpeted room. They also enhance the beauty of a house and make it much more livable to visitors.

But the question is how to select the right carpets Dubai for your house. Several factors must take into account before choosing the right rug Dubai for your home. These factors include color, pattern, texture, fabric type.

Type of fabric

This type of material is available in both loose and woven forms and depending on your specific place of residence. You can select either. These are easy to clean and maintain while being resistant to humidity. Generally, this type of carpet has a more durable fabric than other types of carpets.

Alabaster carpet

Alabaster carpets are of high quality, a long-lasting rug with vibrant colors and textures. They also made of more substantial material, which makes them less prone to damage compared to other carpets.

Oriental Carpet

Oriental carpets used as basic decor and, at times, are the only option. They are also more durable and incredibly soft.

Petite Carpet

Petite, of course, means very small and these carpets are not suitable for larger sized homes. You will want to consider this type of carpet if you own a modestly sized apartment.

Venetian Carpet

Soft and delicate fabrics such as Venetian are used in formal settings and have heavy materials that usually made of wool or silk. They can create a relaxing atmosphere. Business houses also use these.

Carpet is more commonly used in homes, where one’s privacy desired. However, if you live in Dubai and the extra attention needed for making sure that your carpet is clean, is that many people who love their privacy opt for these fabrics. They usually use for dressing rooms.

Carpets in Dubai are famous in desert terrain as they are more mobile and dry more comfortable. They are also stronger than the other types of rugs that are available in different regions of the world.
These are popular in smaller homes that are not required to decorate. They also used for schools, public buildings, and offices in some countries. These can be found in various black, red and blue colors.


It is advisable to go to a carpet store to get all the information and guidance about carpet type, their characteristics, and other details.

Make sure that you compare quotes from various stores before making a final decision. It is advisable to check with your carpenter as well to select the best quality and make the best out of your carpet.